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Сергей Новиков о Космической эволюции жизни: от Большого взрыва до Технологической сингулярности

размышления о феномене жизни и разума во Вселенной

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the General evolution theory
Welcome to my group on Facebook, devoted to the General evolution theory (GET). The main goal of the group is in making progress for the new understanding of our reality and the role of life in the evolution of the observable Universe -- on the basis of theoretical physics: quantum mechanics, thermodynamics and information theory.
(теория общей эволюции наблюдаемой Вселенной (включая всю неживую и живую материю), с точки зрения теоретической физики - квантовой механики, термодинамики и теории информации.. )

1. the Earth's life is organized in a form of a multilevel hierarchical system with upper organisms located on its higher levels which appear step-wise in time during the life's deterministic evolution. meaning of the Earth's life and its evolution is equal to the meaning and evolution of the rest of the visible Universe surrounding us.
2. the life's evolution relies on the capability of the system to develop technologies for processing and storing in its memory the information about events in the environment (i.e. in the visible Universe) surrounding the observer (Earth's life).
3. the Earth's life can be regarded as the classical observer of the visible Universe (in terms of QM), watching it from the reference frame connected with the Solar system. the quantum system of the Universe and the Observer evolve deterministically in a pair with Schrodinger equation describing their deterministic evolution.
4. the evolution of the Eath's life (as the observer of the Universe) occures between two poles or singularity states of unknown nature: first one was at the Universe' birth and is called as cosmological singularity of BB. The second one is at the end of life's evolution and can be recognized as technological singularity, which is regarded by some authors as a superintelligent state.
5. in 1941 well-known Italian mathematician Luigi Fantappiè, while working on the d'Alembert operator, which combines special relativity and quantum mechanics, realized that the forward-in-time solution describes energy and matter that diverge and tend towards homogeneous and random distributions. Не showed that the forward-in-time solution is governed by the law of increasing entropy, whereas the symmetric backward-in-time solution is governed by a law of increasing syntropy (=negentropy, extropy e.t.c.) Тhis last law can be related with the life, as the observer of the visible Universe, which is localized in space and develops to its growing complexity.
6. the arrow of time is an arrow of increasing correlations.
   the present can be defined by the process of becoming correlated with our surroundings.
   the universe, as a whole, is in a pure state, that doesn't change with time, but individual local pieces of it are in mixtures, because they are entangled with their surroundings.
   with the time flow all the Earth's living system (including human beings and their brains) becomes more and more correlated with its environment (visible universe), which becomes more and more detailed and clear for us on all scales.
7. evolution of life is a local irreversible oneway process of growing complexity while the second law of thermodynamics governs the mass-energy spreading around for taking the uniform distribution to get into equilibrium state.
8. although the life looks like localized in space classical phenomenon, at a fundamental level it has quantum roots and nonlocal kinematics -- i.e. it is a fundamentally quantum phenomenon at the basis of our reality.
9. we have to change our perception of reality and find the new role for humans in it.

CAUTION: keep your brain to prevent from been blown up after reading and thinking over the materials presented here