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Сергей Новиков о Космической эволюции жизни: от Большого взрыва до Технологической сингулярности

размышления о феномене жизни и разума во Вселенной

Decoherence and life

   Here is a picture. It visualy explains how our universe works and interects with life, as its observer.


   At the very beginning the universe spontaneously (or as a result of some interaction in quantum multiverse) turns from its uncertain quantum multiverse state into one of the pure classical eigenstates through the process of decoherence. Decoherence starts with the inflation stage, followed by the hot Big Bang evolution. We call this process as the birth and evolution of the visible universe and can discribe it with infation and Big Bang theories.

   As the universe evolves the Earth's life works as the observer, who interacts with his environment (observed universe) to get readings from the universe's memory, which exist in a form of different artifacts in the universe' structure under the cause and effect relationships.

  While getting more and more information about the environment the life  by itself evolves getting more and more complex -- to get eventually to the pure state determined by initial cosmological conditions. It looks like a self-aware universe in a form of a Boltzmann brain.

   This evolution is deterministic, finite in time and can be discribed in a form of mathematical equations. It looks like life's evolution reflects and repeats in the reversed time the evolution of the entire observed universe.

   Life provides the mechanism of decoherence with an arrow of time. It is the life as observer who brings the universe into existence in reality through the mechanism of decoherence.